Allotment Update No.12

2011 March 5
by Chris Vernon

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This weekend we’ve dug another three beds… and started planting! Well, a few cabbage seeds went in on the 19th Feb and today we added a third of a bed of parsnips. The rest really need to wait until the risk of frost has passed.

Parsnip seeds

Third of a bed of parsnips sown, 5th March 2011

Our allotment neighbour very kindly gave us a few rhubarb crowns today. Very much appreciated, they went straight into a well manured bed we had previously earmarked for courgettes.


Donated rhubarb crowns, planted 5th March 2011

We’ve also been collecting wood. Both from skips and Freecycle. Last weekend we got it down to the allotment to make edges for the beds. The earliest beds were dug last summer and gradually the grass has been reclaiming them, one was around six inches narrower! These edges should hold the grass at bay.

Allotment bed

The end pieces are old beams, 6x3, with planks running along the sides.

Allotment beds

A little neater now, the grass should be more manageable.

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