A Day in the Woods

2013 May 13
by Chris Vernon

Last weekend I spent a day with The Bristol Bike Project in Strawberry Cottage Wood. This is the wood Rob Penn has been managing for the BBC TV series Tails from the Wild Wood. Our job for the day was to plank a couple of ~110 year old ash logs and return the wood to the project for our new bike shed.

It was a beautiful day for my introduction to chainsaws. I was particularly impressed with the Logosol M7 mobile sawmill. It just screws to each end then the guide can be moved up and down about a foot before having to re-screw it. It can be rotated 90 degrees to release the planks. The saw has a bracket which slides along the guide. It was still a big job!

A day in the woods.

Click thumbnails below to enlarge:

Chainsaw Mill




Twin Sawing

Homeward bound!

More photos on The Bristol Bike Project blog:
Planking in Strawberry Cottage Wood for the new bike shed.

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