Building a Bicycle Frame with Dave Yates – Day 3

2012 April 16
by Chris Vernon

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The job list for day three looked something like this:

  • Cut chain stays to length
  • Cut and mitre bottom of down tube
  • Assemble main triangle into jig
  • Braze down tube to head tube
  • Braze seat tube to top tube
  • Braze down tube to bottom bracket
  • Braze chain stays into bottom bracket
  • Cut seat stays to length and angle
  • Braze plate onto seat stays and file
Down tube, meet head tube

Down tube mitred to fit head tube.

Seat stays

Seat stays are cut to fit the cast dropout in the same way the chain stays were.

Top tube, fluxed

Before brazing the metal surface is covered with flux to prevent oxidation which would prevent a good joint forming.

In the jig

Down and head tubes, in the jig, lug in place, plenty of flux - ready for the torch!

In the jig

Same story for the top tube and seat tube.

Seat stay

This is the top of the seat stay. It's cut like this so a solid plate can be brazed over the end.


And here I am brazing that plate onto the seat stay.

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