Allotment Update No. 7

2010 October 31
by Chris Vernon

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Our first proper harvest from the allotment today. We planted the carrots on 1st August, 13 weeks to the day here’s some of what we have:


Carrots 31st October 2010

The garlic was planted on the 10th October, here it is three weeks on:


Garlic, three weeks old. 31st October 2010

The red onions we planted three weeks ago are just breaking the surface, not as impressive as the garlic yet. Erica meticulously prepared this bed for a second batch of onions which went in today. There were lots of worms!

Onion bed

Preparing the onion bed, 31st October 2010

I dug another two 3m x 1m beds. The turf going into the compost. Here’s the compost heap with its turf walls:

Compost heap

Compost heap, 31st October 2010

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  1. Catie Butler permalink
    October 31, 2010

    Good going guys! I like the carrotty photo 🙂 Hope you’re not too muddy after a long day digging…

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