Allotment Update No. 9

2011 January 8
by Chris Vernon

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Returning to the allotment in January after the seriously cold December we discovered evidence of trespass. Rabbits, we presume, had been at the garlic and remaining carrot tops. The carrots had been chewed to the ground, however, the garlic had only been nibbled. Each plant had lost its top couple of inches. Maybe the garlic isn’t really to the rabbit’s taste and gets stronger further down the plant?


Nibbled garlic, 8th January 2011.


Nibbled carrots, 8th January 2011.

Note the Leporidae evidence in the bottom left. We decided to harvest all the remaining carrots, before the rabbits decided to dig them up! We ended up with ~2.5 kg once topped and washed. The whole bed probably produced around 6 kg in total. What is one to do with 2.5 kg of fresh carrots?


Preparing 2.5 kg of carrots.

Carrots and coriander soup of course!

Carrot and coriander soup

Carrot and coriander soup.

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