Crazy Heathrow Expansion

2005 June 6
by Chris Vernon

Draft expansion plans for Heathrow were published today. I can only presume they are serious and this is not someone’s idea of a joke. The proposals are for a third runway and a sixth terminal.

Expansion plans could see the annual number of passengers rise from 67m to 116m in 2030.

This £7bn development would come after the fifth terminal, which is due to open in 2008 at a cost of £4.2bn.

What the authors of the plan seem not to be aware of is oil depletion. There is a very strong argument for peak oil within this decade. After peak oil, oil prices will rise significantly forcing the already struggling airlines out of the sky. That someone, somewhere thinks that Heathrow is going to need to expand to cater for increased traffic after 2010 is crazy, it shows just how ignorant of the problem so many people are.

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